27th Tasmanian Cuboree

Aarrrr, It’s a Pirate Cuboree!

The 27th Tasmanian Cuboree is just around the corner, scroll down the page to find out all about it.

The 27th Tasmanian Cuboree is on again on the 13th to the 15th October 2023.  The theme is Pirate Cuboree, with lots of great activities all weekend.

What is a Cuboree?

A Cuboree is a state-wide, weekend-long Cub Scout camp specially designed to promote the methods of Scouting, in an outdoor environment while having lots of fun. It is attended by 8–11yo Cub Scouts and Guides (all, for simplicity, referred to here as “Cubs”).

How will it work?

Cubs will enjoy activities that may include water activities, camping, bushcraft, abseiling, flying foxes, billy carts, and camp cooking. The Cuboree allows Cubs to see what may be achieved if they continue further into Scouting.

The Cuboree develops a relationship between the Cubs and the Scouts from their Group. It also provides Patrol Leaders from Scouts with the opportunity to guide Cubs into Scouts.
The Cub Scouts will sleep in tents with Cubs from their own Group, in an area with their leaders, and are allocated to one of three Sub-Camps. During the day they circulate around Activity Bases — one of which is off-site at a beach — enjoying themselves by learning new skills, solving problems, and having fun! The activities develop the Areas of Personal Growth (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual & overall Character) which are part of the Scouting Method.

Parent Support is needed.

We NEED PARENTS to put aside 2 hours, 4 hours, a full day or the whole weekend to help run the activities.

Let us know at the time of registration what support you can give. Roles include Kitchen, Cleaning, Security, Supervising or Running Activities, Crafts, and relief for breaks. Parents in the North and North-West can support the North Base Coordinator in preparing activities, head to the campsite early to help your group set up, or register and stay all weekend to help.
Hobart Bush Cabins are located at the bottom of The Lea if you want to come down for a family holiday, (need to book now as only a few left).

As part of the Branch Child Safety Policy, all adults (Leaders, parents and helpers) who will be staying overnight at the Cuboree must have a Working with Vulnerable Persons Card (or interstate equivalent). The card costs $20 and may take up to a month from the time of application, then we need to register you on our database. Please apply before August if you need one. https://www.cbos.tas.gov.au/topics/licensing-and-registration/work-with-vulnerable-people/applications/apply

Another important way that you can help is by being enthusiastic about the Cuboree. Yes, each child will come home very tired from the weekend, but they will have so many wonderful memories. Please encourage them to pack for the Cuboree themselves — it is important that they start to be independent. If a child has never been to a camp like this before, please talk to them about it. That said, it is not intended that this be their first experience in a tent overnight. Please give them other opportunities before attending camp.

What does it cost?

Early-Bird Registration is open until 5 pm on August 4th.

The cost for Cubs/Scouts is $120 and for Adults is $110.

After August 4th the cost for Cubs/Scouts is $130 and for Adults is $120.

The final cut-off for all registrations is September 8th. Please note that there is a $30.00 non-refundable component if you have to cancel after August 11th. 

Registrations will be done as a group so please contact your leader.

If you wish to purchase a Cuboree shirt for an additional $30 you must register before August 4th.

Any questions?

Please talk to your Leader.