Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question about Jamboree or after some more information? This FAQ page has been developed to answer some of those common questions.

If your question isn’t answered by the below please Contact Us at   and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Where is AJ2025?

AJ2025 is to be held at the Equestrian Centre in Maryborough Queensland.

Maryborough is a part of the Fraser Coast Council area and is located approximately 45 minutes from the beach community of Hervey Bay.

Who can go?

See the following link for full details on who can go AJ2025 – Attendance Criteria

The most important thing to remember is that a scout can attend without one of their home troop leaders.

What should I take to Jamboree?

The Tasmanian Contingent Leaders are currently updating the gear list.

Click on the following link to see the suggested gear list from AJ2019 Gear List AJ2019

How can I register?

Registrations will open in late 2023, however, expressions of interest are now open Expressions of Interest

An expression of interest (EOI) is a way to signal your potential interest in participating in the event before the applications are open. Submitting an EOI does not commit you to attend the event, but it does allow us to gauge interest and helps us in our planning efforts.

When you submit an EOI, you will be asked to provide basic information about yourself. This step also ensures that you’re among the first to know when full applications open, giving you a head start on the process.

Remember, an EOI is just a show of interest and does not guarantee a spot at the event – that’s determined later during the formal application process. However, it’s a valuable step to express your intention and stay informed about the event.

How much does it cost?

The cost of attending the Australian Scout Jamboree varies depending on a number of factors, such as location and transport arrangements. The registration fee includes accommodation, food, and all activities during the Jamboree.  The Tasmanian Contingent Leader will update costs as we get closer to the event.

What do Scouts do?

Scouts who attend a Jamboree get to take part in many exciting activities both on and off-site.

Offsite activities include “Your Sights” – Maryborough tour, “Your Outback” – Pioneer Village and “Your Seaside” – Water Based Activities.

Onsite activities are many and cover a wide range of fun skills and adventure some including  Obstacle courses, Mud run, Frisbee golf, Circus skills, Your craft, Your tech, Your trade and many Night activities and performances at both the Main and Mini Arena’s.

There are many new life skills to be learnt along with new lifelong friends to make from both Tasmania, Australia and the world.

Check out the What’s On page for more information about the program.

Will my child be safe?

Yes, safety is a top priority at the Australian Scout Jamboree. The event is designed to be a safe and secure experience, with trained and experienced Leaders supervising all activities. There are also strict safety protocols in place to manage any potential risks, and medical facilities are available on-site if needed.