Clarence District

Clarence District comprises that part of the Southern Region now found on the "Eastern Shore" of the Hobart area. In the early 1950s, the whole of the state capital was one district (Hobart - Clarence) the badge depicting the famous floating bridge which crossed the Derwent at that time. Re-organisation of Scouting saw the Bowen District created on Hobart's Eastern Shore. (Bowen led the first European settlers to southern Tasmania.)

At one stage the District was divided in two - one part Bowen and the one part Clarence. Later rationalisation saw a reduction to one District, with the name Clarence retained. The rising sun signifies that this area is to the east of Hobart where the sun shines first, while the ear of wheat represents the rural areas in the northern part of this District.

Key: Joeys (J); Cubs (C); Scouts (S); Venturers (V); and Rovers (R).

Clarence Sea Scouts - J C S V
Ford Parade
Lindisfarne TAS 7015

Contact: Max Melton
Ph: 0419 009 975


Eastern Shore Rover Crew - R
3 Esplanade
Lindisfarne TAS 7015

Contact: Mike Patten
Ph: 0439 919 234


Howrah - J C S V
Community Hall Howrah Road
Howrah TAS 7018

Contact: Fiona Roberts
Ph: 0418  996 194


Lindisfarne - C S V
Ford Parade
Lindisfarne TAS 7015

Contact: Andrea Heap
Ph: 0418 311 178


Old Beach - J C S
Jetty Road
Old Beach TAS 7017

Contact: David Coulson
Ph: 0417 541 273


Pittwater - C S
32 Brady Street
Midway Point TAS 7171

Contact: Paul Rowberry

Ph: 0434 736 588


Sandford - J C S V
South Arm Road
Sandford TAS 7020

Contact: Michael Hovington
Ph: 0458 156 262